Starting school. 

It’s coming to the time of year when letters will arrive about your child starting primary school. It can be a stressful time for parents worrying and trying to decide if their child is ready. All children are completely different and you can’t compare. If you have doubts then wait another year. My first child was a September baby so it was perfect! Second child was march so it was more to think about.  Just follow your gut feeling. No one ever regretted holding back their child one more year. Also with the two year pre school it gives the child more time. However whatever your decision you’ll always worry! 

  • All children are different. Don’t compare or worry about ages. Each child is different and had different needs. 
  • Start your child when you feel they are ready. Be it 4 1/2 or 5 1/2. 
  • Talk to the preschool teacher and see how they are getting on. 
  • Talk to the teacher at the school. Junior infant teachers are brilliant. They have seen all age groups and situations. Just have a chat about your worries or questions. 
  • No one ever regretted holding back their child in preschool. Once they start it’s harder to hold them back. 
  • Junior infants is a brilliant time for children. They come on leaps and bounds. They develope and learn so much in that year. So if you feel they are ready they’ll thrive in there. 
  • Do what’s right for your child and family. At the end of the day it’s your child and your decision. 
  • Think ahead. Do you want a 12 year old in first year or a 16 year old for leaving cert. 

Breakfast time!!! 

I try every morning to give my kids a good healthy breakfast. Especially the days they have school as they may be picky or not eating all their lunch. I feel nice they have a good breakfast they are ok. I also try to get  them up in plenty of time as they can take ages too to eat their breakfast! 


I don’t buy coco pops or chocolate cereals. I feel they get enough in other ways so I don’t buy them. My usual ones I buy are weetabix, ready break, Rice Krispies or cornflakes. 

Bread or bagels. 

Toast you can never go wrong with! Some mornings  my kids like a ham sandwich for breakfast. I buy whole meal bread. They love bagels too! I love these ones from Brennan’s. They are always sold out in the supermarket so they must be good! 

Beans and eggs. 

These are another handy one. I find the snap pack one handy. You just pop in the microwave for one minute or boiled eggs are so easy to do too. 

Yougurt and fruit. 

Some mornings you’ll find you kids just want a banana or yogurt in the mornings. 


I give mine orange or cranberry juice in the morning. I know some don’t recommend this but one small glass won’t do much harm! Always have a read at the back of juices and look at the ingredients. I love this orange juice from lidl. It’s only ingredient is orange juice! 

Something nice! 

The days we wake up late some Nutella on toast with banana will be eaten fast or with no arguments! Honey or Jam on toast is lovely too. I add honey too to the ready break or weetabix for some sweetness. 


Starting school issues! 

Today is into the second week back to school for most children. There is a a lot of mails to the page about different issues that parents are having with their children that started school. A few of these are,  


  1. Behaviour at home has been really hard. Cheeky and misbehaving. 
  2. Not sleeping at night. 
  3. Acting like a baby and baby talk. 
  4. Not wanting to go to school, even though they skipped in the door for first three weeks. 
  5. Very tearful and upset. 

I would speak to the teacher to see if all is ok at school. Explain what’s happening at home. If everything is going well at school, then this is just a phase you have to go through with your child. It’s a big huge change for them going to school. Some children are only 4  or 5 years old.  They are still so young. However keep it positive and give them time to settle. Even though they were happy out the first few weeks, the novelty is wearing off. They realise hang on I’ve to go here everyday, sit down and behave myself!! At home with you they are comfortable to express how they are feeling. So give it time.  Plenty of love and hugs. However you need to be helping the teacher too. When they say teacher tells us to sit, be quiet etc. Explain that what teacher is doing is right and will help the class. Only 14 more years to go!!!! 



Back to school! 

Next week the kids will be back to school!  It was lovely to be off with with them and not have the school runs and homework! However it’s good to get back to normal again. I’ve aimed this post for children that are already at school. The majority of children have been with their parents all the time over the break so you may find them a bit clingy going back to school today. Especially for the younger children, they’d nearly forget about school! 


  1. Treat today as if it’s their first day again, over two months off is a long time when you are only 5 or 6 years old. 
  2. If they are a bit clingy or tearful at the door just trust the teacher. She or he know exactly what they are doing. 
  3. A big hug at hometime and a kiss can make them feel it’s all ok!
  4. Be positive. Talk about all the happy things that will happen in school today. 
  5. Be patient. Children will test you but be patient but firm. A big hug and a kiss at the door then go! The longer you stay there the worse they scream. 
  6. The same can apply to older children too. Just because they are at school a few years doesn’t mean they can’t get shy or clingy after the holidays. 
  7. It’s completely normal for your child to feel like this. Keep it all positive and happy. 
  8.  Trust the teacher. She has seen many a crying child that after the parent leaves is laughing and happy! 
  9. Lastly, even though you are happy to have them back at school it’s ok too to feel a bit sad or miss them! It was a nice break and they’ll be off again soon!


Other parents can be fantastic for advice and help. Just chatting with another mum can help with your doubts or fears. Advice is great when you ask for it. However when your told what you should or shouldn’t be doing them it’s not so good! 

My only advice to any parent is do what works for you and your child. Every child, family and home is different. Right down to been an only child or one of many. What works for you in your home is what you do. These are a few ” always touchy” ones. 

  • Naps. Some children have a nap others go to bed earlier instead. You may prefer your toddler to nap while you get things done or do homework with older child. You may prefer to keep them up and they go to bed early. 
  • Beds. You may co sleep or your child sleeps all night in their bed. What ever gets you some sleep and rest, do it! 
  • Breast feeding or bottle feeding. As long as your child is fed and gaining weigh. You are happy and healthy. That’s all that matters. It’s up to you which you choose. 
  • Soother. Some kids have none others still have one at two years old. Again it’s your choice or maybe your toddlers choice! You are the one that will have to wean them off it. Do it when your both ready. 
  • Toilet training. Some children are trained by 2 years others take a bit longer. No two children are the same. Don’t compare. If your child is taking longer, don’t panic. Relax and take your time. They’ll get it eventually. 
  • Eating. Some children will sit and eat all their meals. Others are grazers. Some won’t eat at all. Do what you need to get food into your child. Putting on peppa pig and spoon feeding them while you distract them is normal! 
  • The “baby ” of the house. Maybe your baby of the house is 2 or 8 years old. You are a bit softer or baby them a bit more. So what! If that’s your last child and you want to enjoy the child part for a bit longer then do so! It’s your baby! When they are fed up they’ll let you know! 


We shouldn’t compare. 

I did a post on Facebook recently about not comparing your life to what you see on social media. I enjoy social media especially snap chat! However when you look at all these different bloggers and friends you’d think their life is absolutely amazing and yours is crap! 

No one ever puts up the bad or horrible pictures. The one where the mother is still in her pyjamas with poo on her arm changing her babies nappies. The houses always look immaculate and perfect. Nothing is out of place! 

We all do it, think our own life is boring and everyone else’s is brilliant. However those people could be looking at you thinking you have the fantastic life! 

One bit of advice I got before and I’ve kept with it. Worry about your family. Don’t worry what your friend or a blogger is putting up. You’ll always have the show off friend who likes to show all her gifts and happy life. Be happy for them but don’t compare. My life is not perfect and my home isn’t a show house. But we are happy and have three healthy children. We have our struggles when all the bills come in the door but we manage! 

So look around at what you do have and be extremely grateful. There is a lot of people out there who’d love what you have! 💕💕

So everyday say to yourself my life isn’t perfect but it’s happy. Now I’ll have a look at social media and see how the other half are doing!